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Hattrick Hockey Playoff Schedule

03/01/2009, 4:03pm EST
By Keith
Monday March 2nd
10:30 Infidels 5  Moonknights 4-  Well if you play on the Infidels you say we scored two goals in the last 3 minutes to win.  (the winner with 3 seconds left)  If you are on the Moonknights you say we should have not lost that one.  Either way it was a great game.  Game 2 Saturday and its do or die for the Knights.  Infidels lead 1-0.
Saturday  March 7th
8:30- D-2  Moonknights  3 Infidels 2-  The Knights held off the Infidels at the end to hang on to a 3-2 win.  Another great game this time the Knights prevailed, forcing a Game 3.
9:30-  D-5  Allstate 3  Pylons 1-  The Pylons gave the number 1 seed all they could handle.  Allstate sealed the deal with an empty net goal.  Allstate leads series 1-0.
10:30- D-5   Meteors 2 Headhunters 0-  In the Hunters last regular season game they dominated the Meteors.  This time it was the other way around.  Meteors lead 1-0.
Sunday March 8th
3:15- Wolfpack 5 Bomberz 1-  The 4th seed came out early with 2 goals in the first 4:30 and never looked back.  Although the Pack are the 4th seed, they certainly can play with anyone when they are on thier game.  Look for the Bomberz to bounce back tomorrow.  Pack leads 1-0.
4:15- Renegades 2 Uncle Rays 1 2OT's- The most exciting playoff game of the season thus far saw the Renegades score 5:40 into the 2nd OT for the win.  The underdog Rays scored first before the Renegades tied it with 1:40 to go in the second.  Renegades lead 1-0.
5:20- Tyme 4   MLP Stars 0-  In what was the upset of the day (Opinion) Tyme shuts out the favored MLP Stars.  I dont know who will win Thursday but I would bet the Stars will score.  Great effort for Tyme.  Tyme leads series 1-0.
6:25- Raiders  6  Rebels 2- The Raiders scored the first 4 goals includin 3 in the second for the 6-2 win.  We will see what happens in game 2, both of these teams played very well down the stretch.  The Rebels need to bounce back.  Raiders lead 1-0.
7:30- D-5  Meteors 2 Headhhunters 1-  The Hunters showed up for this game but the result was still the same.  The Meteors scored with 47 seconds left for the win and the series sweep.  Meteors win series 2-0.
8:40-  D-5  Allstate  3  Pylons 1- Allstate proved too much for the Pylons.  The Allstate sweep concludes both top seeds in D-5 stepping up when they had to.  What a finish of the regular season for the Pylons to even make the playoffs...In this writers opinion they had a great year.  Allstate wins series 2-0
9:45-  D-2 Infidels 3  Moonknights 0-  In this writers opinion the Infidels dominated from beginning to end.  Infidels are happy with a 2-1 series victory, but from a spectators standpoint this was the worst of the 3 games.  Infidels win series 2-1.
Monday March 9th
10:30  Wolfpack 5 Bomberz 2-  The sweep certainly wasn't easy as the Pack scored into an empty net with 3 seconds left for the 5-2 win.  The Bomberz were all over the Wolfpack in the last 3 minutes and had numerous opportunities for several goals....Once again the Pack scored early into the game, which seemed to set the tone for a long while.  The Pack complete the "upset".  Wofpack win series 2-0.
Tuesday March 10th
10:00 Uncle Rays 2 Renegades 1-  Same score, no OT's, different winnner.  This could be the best series of the Hattrick Playoffs so far.  Both teams playing clean hockey, with a high level of intensity.  This time it was Ray's scoring with 6 minutes left for the 2-1 win.  Series now tied 1-1
Wednesday March 11th
10:00  Knockouts 6 Infidels 2-  Well this one was lobsided in the beginning for sure.  KO's went out to a 6-0 lead before the Infidels tallied 2-3rd period goals.  The Infidels with thier strong 3rd period gave themselves a reason to beleive...or did Knockouts just make em want to think that.
Thursday  March  12th
6:30  MLP Stars  4  Tyme  1-  The Stars evened the series out tonight 1-1 tallying an empty net goal for the 3 goal victory.  Either team can win game 3 for sure on Saturday night.  Series tied 1-1
7:30  Allstate 4 Meteors 3-  This game was definelty back and forth.  The Meteors stormed out to a 2-0 lead before Allstate came back.  With Allstate up 4-3 with under a minute to go...The Meteors had a breakaway that the Allstate netminder turned away.  Allstate leads 1-0
8:45  Knockouts  5 Infidels 3-  The second period of this Game 2 was the Infidels best period, unfortunately for them Knockouts has pretty much owned the other 5.  Hard to come back from being 4-0 down....We will see what happens on Saturday but the odds look long for the Infidels now. KO looking for the KO..They lead 2-0.
9:45  Rebels 5  Raiders 1-  The Rebels played for real tongiht while it looked as if the Raiders were a tad off.  Although neither game has been "close" by the score.......... These two teams (all four in the playoffs for that matter) are fairly even.  An exciting Game 3 on Saturday. Series Tied 1-1
Friday March 13th
9:00  Uncle Rays 4  Renegades 1-  The best series so far in all the playoffs, both these teams gave it all they had, played pretty clean the entire series.  No matter who the Wolfpack would be in for a battle.  Rays came out on top in game 3.  Rays win series 2-1.
Saturday March 14th
7:00-Redford Wolfpack 4 Uncle Rays 2- A well rested Pack team had a tough time disposing of Uncle Ray's.  Game was 2-2 with just 6 minutes to go before the Wolfpack tallied two goals for the 4-2 win.  Rays is in this series for sure.  Pack leads 1-0
8:10-Redford    MLP  2 Tyme 0-  MLP showed their "playoff poise" in this game.  Tyme was shorthanded throughout making any chance of winning this game difficult.  The Stars scored their second goal of the night with just 2:20 to go for the 2-0 win.  MLP wins series 2-1.
9:15-Redford    Infidels 7 Knockouts 5- Ok lets figure this out.  Arguably Knockouts best player was at this game.  And arguably the Infidels best two players were not.  Knockouts goes up 4-1 in the second, however the Infidels win 7-5. Hmmm.  I still dont think the Infidels can win three straight to be honest.  But before the game and once it was 4-1 I didnt think they would win this either.  Knockouts leads 2-1
10:20 Redford   Raiders 4 Rebels 0- Two goals in the first, two goals in the third for the Raiders.  This was by far the chippiest of the three games.  The Raiders seemed a bit more ready to play tonight, taking it to the Rebels throughout most of the game.  As far as watching goes, this series was as entertaining as any.  Raiders win 2-1
Sunday March 15th
3:30-Canfield Meteors  5  Allstate 3-  The Meteors felt this was a game they had to win.  Well they did that convincingly jumping out to a 3-1 lead at the end of two periods.  They tallied 2 quick ones in the 3rd to put the game away.  Series Tied 1-1
4:30-Canfield Wolfpack 2  Uncle Rays 1-  The underdog Rays are giving the Pack all they can handle.  This game not unlike the last the Wolfpack scored late in the 3rd for the one goal win.  Rays is still in this series despite losing the first two games.  Pack leads 2-0
5:45-Canfield Raiders 3  MLP Stars 2 (OT)- In what is arguably, now the longest rivalry in Hattrick Hockey history, the Raiders scored with 7 seconds left in the OT for the win. The Raiders were up 2-0 before MLP rallied to tie it.   Both goalies were OUTSTANDING in the OT, as the teams had numerous scoring chances before the almost 60 minutes game came to an end.  Raiders lead 1-0
Monday March 16th
8:00-Canfield  Knockouts 5 Infidels 4- Everyone showed up for this huge Game 4.  At the end of 2 it was 3-1 Infidels.  With 2:25 to go the Infidels let 4-2 and it looked as if there was going to be an improbable game 5. (if you saw the first two games of this series)  Knockouts like they seemingly always do scored two goals in the last 2:24 the last with 27 seconds left to tie it up.  In OT it really appeared the Infidels were shell shocked.....KO's controled the OT and scored 3 1/2 minutes in for the 5-4 win.  Knockouts win series 3-1.  Congrats to Knockouts Champs ONCE AGAIN!
Tuesday March 17th
Happy St Patricks Day Raider Bill!
Wednesday March 18th
10:00-Canfield  Raiders 6  MLP Stars 4-  Another win by the Raiders have put both teams in unusual places.  First the Stars down 2-0.  That has never happened.  I dont beleive the Raiders have ever been up 2-0 in a finals series either.  It was a 4-4 game going into the 3rd period before the Raiders tallied two goals.  MLP needs a win to stop their rivals from sweeping.  Raiders lead 2-0
Thursday March 19th
9:30pm-Canfield  Allstate 2 Meteors 0-  Allstate scored two goals iin the first period and that was all they needed for the 2-0 shutout.  Allstate is now one win away from another D-5 title!  Allstate leads 2-1
Saturday March 21st
7:00-Redford  MLP Stars 5 Raiders 3-  MLP got out to a 4-1 first period lead and hung on for the 5-3 victory.  The Raiders were dinied the series sweep and the Stars stayed alive for another game.  Raiders lead 2-1
8:00-Redford Uncle Rays 4 Wolfpack 0-  Another team needing a win to stop a sweep got it....This time a 4-0 shutout.  Rays stay alive for another day as well.  Pack lead the series 2-1
9:15-Redford Allstate 4  Meteors 2-  A Great Season for the Meteors, however Allstates was just a tad better.  Allstate wins the D-5 Championship 3 game to 1 with the 4-2 win.  CONGRATS ALLSTATE!
Sunday March 22nd
5:30-Canfield  MLP Stars 3 Raider 2    2 OT's-  Man I missed a good game for sure.  The Stars down in this series 2-0 have rallied to tie it at 2 with a thrilling double overtime win.  Cant wait to see this one on Wednesday night.  Series tied at 2.
6:30-Canfield  Uncle Rays 2 Wolfpack 1 - OT-  Rays following right along with MLP tied this series at 2.  This after also being down 0-2.  Another thriller to come on Wednesday!  Series tied at 2.
Wednesday March 25th
8:30-Canfield  MLP  Stars 6  Raiders 4
                          Wolfpack 2   Uncle Rays 1
Quite a night at Canfield, a ton of friends and family in the stands for two game 5's.  In the first game the Raiders couldn't quite get over the hump.  After they scored late in the first period, the Stars got the next 3.  The Raiders scored with 2:50 left to cut the lead to 5-4.  one would think this game 5 could head to a possible 3rd double ot game...But the Stars answered just 10 seconds later for the win.  Quite a comeback for the Stars who were down 2-0.  Great playoff series in what I can honeslty say Adult "beer league" hockey should be.  Congrats to both teams....However only one could win and that was the MLP Stars...Stars win 3-2.
In game 2 Uncle Rays was looking to come back from 0-2.  The Stars did it earlier but it was not to be for Uncle Rays. It's just one man's opinion that up until 2:31 to go in the 2nd period, Rays was for the most part winning little battles and taking to the pack a bit more than the reverse.   At the 2:30 mark of period two, the Pack tied the game, and from then on,  took control of the game. They scored early in the third and Rays didnt really have an answer after that as one could sense the momentum turn.  Quite a season for both teams.  Rays coming out of no where, to jell, and give the Champs quite a battle.  Great season as well for the Wolfpack.  They win series 3-2
All in all a great season, one of the best playoffs ever in Hattrick History!  We hope to see you all back next season.



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